Barometer World sells, repairs and restores antique barometers, aneroid barometers, FitzRoy barometers and Negretti and Zambra barometers, to name but a few. We also make, sell and restore barographs and supply Barograph Charts, Ink and Nibs and other parts

If you want to buy a new barometer or have problems with an antique barometer you own, then Barometer World may be able to help. We are only open by appointment so you must contact us before visiting.

We are known world wide for our specialist knowledge and attention to detail regarding barometers and barographs.

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Exhibition and Showroom open by appointment only.
We have a small showroom with a good stock of barometers. Our exhibition shows a varied selection of barometers from the conventional to the most unusual. Please e-mail or phone to make an appointment

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Barograph Charts and Ink and Nibs - Read our News

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Barometer World Ltd, Quicksilver Barn, Merton, Okehampton, Devon EX20 3DS   Click here to contact us.
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