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Please do not send us any items unless we have been consulted and advised you about transport methods and costs etc. and issued you with a Parcel Number.

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It is always advisable to phone first before calling in. Whilst we often carry stock of our barographs there are frequent times when we are finishing assembly of these fine pieces.
We are leading specialists in barographs (and barographs) of high quality. Our founder, Philip Collins, is a recognised world authority on barographs.

" In today worlds of high tech, silicone chips and computers it is refreshing to find a company like Barometer World that still holds dear those hand skills, oh so common over 100 years ago, and yet today are difficult to find; anyone who admires real craftsmanship and quality, as it used to be in my grandfathers day, will surely enjoy a visit there and I totally recommend them."

Peter N. Negretti, formerly Managing Director of Negretti & Zambra b1915 - d2010

Negretti and Zambra were famous instrument manufacturers that provided barometers for Admiral FitzRoy whilst he was Chief of the Met Office

Our mission is to continue to supply the highest quality products and services available as firms like Negretti & Zambra once did. In this ever changing times of electronics, the traditional finely engineered barograph is in deed a collectors piece, admired for its beauty as much as its great use.
Barographs are fascinating engineering instruments, which utilise the aneroid principle of pressure measurement to record pressure changes on a chart. There are many different designs of barographs. In the early days using mercury column barographs but the general type of barograph around today is one that is operated with a drum revolving with a clockwork mechanism or, for more modern items, a battery driven Quartz drum, and a series of leavers connecting the pressure chambers to a pen on the end of an arm.
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