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Medieval science and technology recreated for museums and films

2 Stapleford Lane
NG24 2QZ
Tel:01636 707836

I have available an authentic and impressive ALCHEMICAL LABORATORY which can be set up either as a small installation or as a complete laboratory, which can be varied according to needs.

It includes large retorts of various shapes and materials, as well as flasks, furnaces of various types, alembics, bellows, crucibles and tubing which can all be assembled into weird and wonderful configurations, and actually functions.

I also have the equipment to recreate an authentic medieval, 16th or 17th century APOTHECARY'S SHOP, with scales, mortars, chests of drawers, drug jars, bottles etc. Also with real contemporary medical materials.

These two collections are unique, and have featured in various forms in recent T.V. productions.

Conditions of Hire
My first days work, whether it includes filming or not, is 600 excluding travel expenses. Allow at least 4 hours for setting up, not including carrying to location.

Subsequent days or parts of days are charged at 400 per day whether filming takes place or not. I am in attendance throughout, and any changes, handling, operation or instruction with equipment between shots will be by me alone. Also I have accurate costume for each period and can be an extra in the set for no additional charge.

If it is necessary, a final part day solely for clearing away is free of charge.

If required, Larger furnaces etc., can be built on site from materials proveded by the hirer.

Peter Brown t/a Jack Greene, Alchemical Laboratories Etc.



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