The Mary Rose - 1545 and/or Armada 1588.

Ships, war at sea, sailors and soldiers, cannon making and using, gunpowder, England's enemies, Detailed description of loss of Mary Rose/defeat of Armada.

Artefacts include objects similar to finds on the Mary Rose e.g. pocket sundial, longbow and war arrows, pewterware, coins, kidney dagger, nine-mens-morris board, linstock.

Activities include archery demonstration, role play of servicing and firing a ship's gun (heavy table or vaulting horse is needed for this), shot casting and gunpowder testing.

With permission, a matchlock musket is produced and with due ritual and safety, is blank-fired in the open. The high point of excitement of the day!

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This is a rich and active session which can take up to half or even a whole day with one group if required. Particularly suitable for very lively classes. Especially valuable for groups about to visit the Mary Rose, but perhaps even more valuable for those who cannot!

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