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North Devon Records Office, Barnstaple
Reference PS1 Highways Repairs Book, March 4th 1811

Building bridge, 1811, and cleaning water courses. This was probably the bridge at the Sawmills which is the border to Huish Parish, far to narrow today for the large heavy goods vehicles that rumble through the parish but a testomony to the skills of the bridge builders art.

Schools Records Book, reference 1207C/EFA1 (SV477)
From 1875 –ish. Lists names of pupils and some comments, such as successive standards in which presented in this school. I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII annotated with year pupil reached each standard and also reasons for leaving school. Mostly this was ‘gone to work’ or ‘left Merton’ or ‘wanted at home’. Other reasons for leaving school were ‘past 13 years’; ‘ill health’; ‘gone to Dawlish’; ‘gone to service’; ‘gone to London, or Plymouth’; ‘defective sight’; here are some more personal notes:

Alvena Stacey, child of William Stacey of the village, dead;
Frances Bolt, daughter of Samuel Bolt, dead;
Elizabeth Mills and also George Mills, daughter of John Mills of Merton Mill, entry for 20/03/1888 ‘gone to America’;
Lily Maldon, born 3/7/1880, daughter of William Maldon of Ball, who on 9th October 1885 ‘too ill to attend any school’.
No reason is given for young William Andrews, son of J Andrews, village, ‘dismissed him’, 16th April 1891;
George Hayward ‘refused, as consumptive’ 30th March 1918;
Beatrix Dymond ‘war service at Bourna, Huish’ 12th June 1917;

Annie Marshall, 31st July 1914 ‘appointed monitress’;
Harold Stoneman, apprenticed to R Cudmore, shoemaker, ‘war exempt’ 24th December 1914;
Margaret Edith Ellicott (7), daughter of Charles Ellicott of Grange was ‘removed because ordered to tie back hair properly’, 31st May 1918;
Perhaps some of the more unusual pupils at the school were Maurice (12) and Maria (8) Deprez who entered school on 1st February 1915 as Belgian refugees living at Woodcott from Ichteghen School near Ostend.
On 16th February 1917 only two years later Maurice, then aged 14 went to service with rector.
On 24th September 1917 Germeina Deprez was admitted as a Belgian refugee; obviously catching up with brother and sister.
On 8th March 1918 ‘family removed to Ilfracombe, Belgian colony’

School Book 20044A/

1906 April 2nd Proposed and 2nded ‘That a fortnights holiday be granted at Easter on the occasion of the Masters marriage.

1906 April 30th 5. carried unam. ‘that Empire Day (24th May, which is Asc. Day) be recognised by the school and that the scheme be carried out according to the League Programme, with an address to the children by the Rector.

1908 Feb 5th Mention of ‘the B Phillpotts’ prayer book prize examination

15th Nov to 24th Dec Closure of school on account of prevalence of whooping cough.

April 8th Measles epidemic

1919 Feb 17th to March 15th closed due to prevalence of Influenza.

1921 A football purchased by the rector for 14/6d was given from the private funds to the boys for use in their school games.

1921 Oct 20th resolved after a protracted discussion that a Piano be purchased at £45 from Messrs. White of Bideford the amount borrowed from the N.P & W Bank of Bideford. The signatories who promised to be responsible for the payment were the Rector (Edward Jeffery, Messrs Ball, Fairchild, Blight and Williamson (Hd master)

March 27th 5% reduction in salaries by education authorities led to resignations of the head, Mr Williams, Mrs Williams and Miss E Friend (later reduced to a cut of 3.25% and teachers stayed)

The War loan £25 with N P & W Bank (Torr) mentioned.

1926 March 5th request from Hon Sec of W I for loan of middle room for monthly meetings – agreed for 1/6d each meeting with usual conditions

1926 April 30th agreed that the Parish Council make an application to Lord Clinton for a playing field for the school children and Parish generally.

1928 Nov 9th mention of Football Club wishing to hire room for dances.

1930 April 11th Chippings be put down and rolled in, as many accidents have taken place.
1931 June 5th agreed school and Lord Clinton share cost 50/50 for square but appears not to possible until next year.

1936 May 8th Electric light account Installation estimate £4 15s plus £1.2.6d for Reading Room connection.

1939 June 23rd re-organisation – transfer of over 11’s to Hatherleigh or Torrington – school recommended Torrington.

1940 June 18th arrival of 72 evacuees.

1940 application for Home Guards to use the reading Room for sleeping purposes one week in three

read to page 167 10/3/08 PRC


Starts Sept 26th 1957

26/9/1957 in the school room
Proposed by Mr Burrow 2nd by R Pope “that the clerk write to the county surveyor & enquire what could be done to reduce speed of motorists through the village”

Precept for 58/59 £12.0.0

Council unanimously agreed that the ‘go slow signs’ erected each end of village where useless as motorists did not take any notice of them. – would request 30mph signs.

Devon Flood Appeal Fund
A meeting was called on 19/11/1960 to discuss the Devon flood appeal fund, only one member attended no arrangements were made.

A letter was read from a Mrs Polmear from Australia asking if the council might help in finding her grandparents birthplace as there were estates to be claimed. – The clerk with help of Chairman would look in the Parish Church register.

30/04/1963 Held in the Clinton School
Parish Councilors are now entitled to receive – free of charge, a copy of Civil Defense handbook. Number 10 advising protection against nuclear attack.

4/05/1970 in parish hall.
Mrs. Askew was accepted as successor to the clerk A.W.Cotton who had resigned.

Old records in Church – Permission was granted for old records found in the Church to be sent to Exeter for preservation – they were to be displayed prior to removal to Exeter.

Housing problems – It was agreed a letter be sent to C.D.E stating the concern of the councilors on the decline in population of the village & requesting for more houses in order to keep young people in the village.

Festival of Merton – London
It was agreed that the Clerk reply to the letter concerning the Festival of Merton, London thanking them for their letter. Express our interest in the Festival and say that their letter will be passed to the school and Bell ringers.

It was agreed to write to District Council to ask for a bus Shelter.

(a surviving book previously with Miss Betty Ching)

Started by Thomas Snell Easter 1862

1862 31 Payments 4 Receipts includes ‘Brad for the poor agreeable to the will of the late Mr Langdon. 5/-

1865 2 gallons of Oil for evening services 8/-
Coke for vestry, The Rolle Cannal Company for Slates & Nails £1 9/-
Sexton paid salary of £2 Clerk £4

Padlock for Church gate 3/-

Mr Cock for fixing new pinnacle on the tower £18
Bell Ropes £3 6/-

Income varies between 2 Church rates, 3 or 4 rates

Each year the vestry meeting the rate in the £ was set

Mr Eastmond fixing lightning conductor as per contract £9
Also Mr Medland for re-erecting of fallen Pinnacle as per contract £20

Carriage of Wax candles from Exeter to Torrington 1/2d
Carriage of wax candles from Torrington to Merton 1/3d

Subscribers and Ratepayers raised £42 15s 1d
For re-pointing West End of Tower and repairing other sides for £37

Insurance of Church £1 2s 6d (1st Time)
Insurance of Organ 6s.3d (1st Time)

Boy for blowing organ £2
Mr J Elliott (jun) organ £2

Electric Light installation Plucknett £121.0s.2d

No more proceeds from rates

List of Treasurers for Church Wardens Account

1862 Thomas Snell
1873 Thomas Goss
1889 Mark Trickey
1896 Richard Burrow
1897 J.B.Fairchild
1899 F.H.Bonifant
1908 J. Ford
1916 Charles Ellicott
1920 J Ford
1921 R.L.Burrow
1923 John Cato
1947 Harold Lake
1949 Walter Ching
1971 Ronald Madge
1981 Peter Gregory
1984 Misses Margaret and Betty Ching
1991 – computer takes over!

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