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From City Library folder, Exeter

Before 1375 a licence was granted to David de Servyntone and Alianora his wife for Divine service in their chapels at Dynesbeare in the parish of Merton and Uppcote, Bideford, for themselves alone, other parishioners being excluded.

In the Hundred of Shebbear, the manor of Merton belonged to Earl Harold, one of the numerous estates given by the Conqueror to Geoffrey, Bishop of Coutances, and this is one of the five manors held n demesne by that prelate who was Chief Justiciary of England and had been the Conqueror’s Lieut. Gen at the Battle of Hastings.

Another manor or lands at Merton was held by Richard Fitz-Torold under Baldwin the Sheriff

Merton gave name to an equestrian family from the reign of Henry II till Edward III when heiress brought it to the Stawells. Afterwards it came to the Rolles and Clintons.

This folder also contains a copy of the Seal of Merton Priory, XIII Century. (??)

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