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Field Names 1843

Studying the apportionment details one can hardly be other than curious about the field names. Some are according to size, shape, type of field, others by a person's name. Below I have listed some of the fields that show the rich variety of names, some obvious others strange such as ’Wibby’ at Ford. Often names of fields go back centuries surviving generation to generation. Many of the names derive from Anglo Saxon words. These days many of the fields have been enlarged so very few survive in their original shape – although some do. Names are mixed and new ones given, one particular name that shows part of history is the field at Dunsbeare where the search light was positioned to spot enemy aircraft – now know as ‘search light field’ Names are very tantalising, is Lincham where they hung felons? Or Hang Park?

Names of some fields in Merton from 1843 apportionment


Lincham Meadow
Brake - Braken
Rushy Meadow
Broom Close
Shippen Park
New Ground
Mowhay – pronounced ‘Mew – ee’ where the mowed hay was stored.
Long Close

Great Arish - a corn field that has been cut is called an ‘arrish’
Thistle Close
Beera Meadow
Lower Benstool
Bew Town
Four Acres
Easter Darland
Fraines Moor
Higher Wester Park
Horsa Meadow
Buil’s Youldown
Hang Gates
Lower Beer - Bear, Beer or Bere 'Woodland producing acorns and beechnuts on which swine could be pastured'.
Strap - A long narrow piece of land.
Poundhouse Orchard
Muddy Meadow
Crow Beer
Broad Park
Long Mead
Brimble Hay
Tithycombe Lake Lake A slow-flowing stream. Still used as an independent term in Hants. Otherwise hardly ever survives except in composition: e.g. Stanlake.
Higher Lamer Park
Great Merton Wood
Little Oak Bear
Great Pleasant Park
Merton Mill Ham - Ham Generally from AS. hamm, an enclosure; but sometimes from AS ham, a house. May be found anywhere with the former of the two meanings; but is most frequent near steams. This is because in late AS times and later the tendency was to divide up the meads, which had originally been held in common by the holders in the village community, into private allotments held in severalty, which the allotees fenced in. Meads were always near streams.
Addishall Field
Higher Road Close
Hilly Orchard
Leat Close
Three Cornered Field
Stock Ford
Calves Park
Yonder Plot
Broad Challey
Challey Court
Mowstead Plot
Lamercleave Marsh - Cleave or Cleeve 'Steep slope'.
Sultry Meadow
Higher Sand Park
Castle Park - Castle -Where these go back to an ancient date they generally imply the remains of a Roman villa.
Shuttle Park – Shuttle Can mean 'slippery' or 'sliding' as well as the lower cotton holder in a sewing machine
Sedge Park
Merton Town Mead – Mead In the days before grass seeds were obtainable this was the only hay land of the community. It consisted always of land near streams, since that was the only kind of land on which hay grew in any quantity. (Ref 916 at Newberry)
Bew Town – Bew is an old name for bough or tree, also beau - good
Rials Field – rial - A royal person – a prince 1399
Grape Field
Fat Acre
Rack Park – Where wool was hung out to dry
Inside Meadow
Little Whiteland
Fountain Park
Great Stopper
Watering Place
Quillett – small hamlet or village
Great Hageries
Stone Park
Ley Park
Bealen Mead
Pumps Wood
Chilly Copse
Headware Marsh
Clapper Copse
Curliss Wood
Moon Park
Hither Field
Honey Bag
Plumb Park
Gays Park
Easter Camma Park
Potatoe Plot
Lodge Field
Cudmores Coppice
Lamny Park
Hop Garden Orchard
Bridge Park
Pixey Meadow
Homer Meadow – Homer – a name for a homing pigeon.
Hang Moor
Sawpit Lane – at Speccott Barton
Bain Park
West Lease
Eaver Grass
Salt Marsh
Lantrows Meadow
Course Field
Bush Meadow
Lincham – possibly Lynch A shelf of ploughland of the side of a hill formed by ploughing in such a way that the clods are turned down the slope. A common feature of AS. times when the area under the plough was very large. Some may be due to the very extensive ploughing of the post-Napoleonic period.
Backside field

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