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Tenures and Grants 115

Exeter by the Barons of Okehampton on these conditions. When the bishop is installed the baron shall act as his steward, or servitor, in return for which all the vessels in which the bishop is served at the first course shall become the property of the steward.

At the installation of Bishop Stapleton, however, in the year 1308 this right was claimed by Hugh Courtenay, as lord of the manor of Slapton. His fee on this occasion included " four silver dishes, two salts, one cup, one wine-pot, one spoon, and two basins." Two places, named respectively Merton and Potheridge, were formerly connected in various ways, and this connection comes out in a curious manner. It appears that the Rector of Merton was formerly entitled to a dinner every Sunday, and the keep of his grey mare out of the barton of Potheridge. The historians, whom we follow in these matters, inform us that the rector was eventually con- strained to accept a commutation of 3 per annum in lieu thereof. If the quit was a favourable one to the priest he must have had very humble fare on Sunday, and his mare not less humble during the week.

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