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Tithe Apportionments 1843

List of Names and Occupiers and size (A.R.P.) from apportionment of tithe rent charge under the tithe acts 1836 1925
dated 6th February 1843 signed Joseph Risdon

Dunsbeare Barton Elizabeth Ashton 176.1.39
Colehouse William Pope 30.2.18
Centaurs Cross Thomas Digger 0.0.12
Centaurs Cross Thomas Leverton 10.3.16
Moorhill Thomas Snell 123.3.10
West Bear Thomas Snell 96.1.6
West Bear George Piper 0.0.32
West Bear John Williams 0.0.38
East Bear Thomas Puddicombe 124.3.14
Averys Andrew Rowcliffe (sen) 76.3.15
Bowden Parks Andrew Rowcliffe (sen) 21.2.7
Kingdons Tenement Andrew Rowcliffe (sen) 13.1.9
Gordons Tenement Andrew Rowcliffe (sen) 18.3.0
Methuishes Andrew Rowcliffe (sen) 42.2.13
and Lovertons
Beers Susanna Ward 29.2.18
Part of Hatches Susanna Ward 22.2.14
Rose Hill William Peters 0.1.25
Lethbridges William Peters 5.0.32
Withypool William Peters 8.0.32
Cottage and Garden John Curtis 0.1.8
Cottage and Garden Robert Stapleton 0.0.32
New Inn William Ching 2.1.22
2 Cottages and Gdn Mary Down 0.0.8
Malt Scoop Inn George Lewis 2.2.33
Cottages and Garden Willaim Gilbert 0.0.18
& William Down
Cottage and Garden Samuel Elliott 0.0.25
3 Cottages and Gdns John Stapleton
Andrew Heywood
James Martin 0.0.18
House and Gdns Charles Bayley 0.1.8
House and Front John Blake
Richard Dilland 0.1.2
Mary Dart
Houses,Court & Gdns Henry Pearen
William Slee 0.2.0
William Spry
Fir Tree Cottage Thomas Smith 0.1.39
Cotts,Slades John Gordon 38.1.9
and Shepherds
Part of Chidleys John Gordon 3.2.17
Downs and Dymonds William Rowcliffe 159.2.28
Lethbridges William Reed 0.0.17
New Cottages John Ward 1.3.30
Lethbridges Joseph Elliott 0.2.35
Cottage,Gdn John Smith 0.1.16
Part of Chidleys John Smith
John Pearen 7.1.28
Part of Chidleys William Tullamy 3.2.4
Gardeners Cottage Charles Wright 0.2.17
Part of Chidleys Thomas Marshall 8.0.10
Hatches James Gordon 50.3.0
Cottage and Gdn Thomas Ebsary 0.0.18
Cottage and Gdn Richard Hammett 0.1.0
House and Gdn William Stacey 0.3.32
Part of Chidleys John Pudner
William Stacey 0.3.31
Thomas Ebsary
Rumbledown Andrew Rowcliffe (jun) 7.0.13
Chidleys Meadow Andrew Rowcliffe (jun) 2.0.12
Merton Mill William Stanbury 0.1.20
West Moor William Stanbury 16.1.19
House and Gdn John Lee 0.1.10
Cottage and Court John Pudner 0.1.19
Mill Ground George Stanbury 11.1.28
Middle Yonder Moor George Stanbury 38.0.36
Part of Hoopers- Samuel Ebsary 0.3.0
Yonder Moor
Higher Yonder Moor Thomas Anstey 36.0.7
Ford John Ford 57.1.33
Great Wood Priscilla Chammings 139.3.0
South Hall Charles Neno 45.0.15
Highridge Philip Knight 17.2.1
Newberry Thomas Balkwill 32.0.31
House, Court & Gdn John Cann 0.0.26
Willaim Tallamy
Towell George Leverton 16.1.6
Wester Smithacott John Mitchell 0.2.6
House and Gdn Thomas Haywood 0.1.35
Cottage and Gdn Elias Lock 0.0.3
Cottage and Gdn Francis Yeo 0.0.7
Cottages & Gdn John Dadge 0.0.16
William Heywood
Field William Heywood 1.0.25
John Dadge
Walter Stacey
Philip Rowcliffe
Cottage Gdn & Grove Richard Stacey 1.0.3
Middle Yeory William Rowcliffe (sen) 71.0.9
House and Gdn William Fowler 0.3.16
Honitors Yeory George Heywood 17.0.3
Easter Yeory John Chammings 66.3.28
Kingdons Grace George 13.0.32
Little Potheridge Grace George 90.2.12
Little Potheridge Michael Folland 0.0.32
Greeks Tenement William Snell 52.2.26
Tithacombe Lake William Snell 26.0.27
House and Courtlage Simon Heywood 0.2.12
Haggeries Samuel Cudmore 1.2.16
Pinkhill Joseph Copp 52.3.12
Gdns and Orchards William Stevens 0.0.16
Cottage and Gdn Joseph Stevens 0.0.23
Court,Orchards, Gdns Walter Stacey 0.2.0
Garden Mary Farley 0.0.26
Benstool John Stacey 14.0.23
House and Gdns Emanuel Bolt 1.0.10
Little Potheridge James Rattenbury 39.0.6
Addlehole William Wadland & others 1.1.33
Poor Houses & Waste James Smaldon & others 0.2.8
Woods Coppices etc Himself (Lord Clinton) 245.2.38
Speccott Moors William Collihole 44.0.0
Potheridge Barton William Collihole 671.3.21
Coombe Thomas Leverton 23.3.11
Ball Samuel Copplestone 60.3.1
Broomclose Thomas Tanton 26.2.22
Leridys or Fraines Thomas Tanton 26.3.12
Quarry Hills Thomas Tanton 37.3.36
Speccott Barton Joesph Risdon 112.2.29
Speccott Downs Joseph Risdon 80.0.11
Lakes Cottage William Welsh 0.3.31
Mousehole Samuel Luxton 13.1.4
Little Speccott John Cann 47.0.12
North Downs William Pope 32.1.6
Balls Robert Ford 60.0.12

Over 65 acres were apportioned to Rev J C Fisher strangely with few names to any of the fields being a combination of arable pasture and Orchards etc. in the ownership of Rev David Horndon , Glebe. The Church and Churchyard was 1 acre 10 perches. Whereas Roads, Rivers and Wastes was measured at 56 Acres and 3 Rods. The total Measurement for Parish of Merton was 3738 Acres 1 Rod and 6 Perches bringing a rate payable to the Rector of 365 Whilst the majority of land was owned by the Right Honourable Lord Clinton, other owners for ground were;
Lord Rolle - Potheridge Barton, Speccott Moors, Coombe, Ball.
Rev John Moore Stevens (Archdeacon) Broomclose, Leridys or Fraines, Quarry Hills, Specott Barton.
William Wilson,- North Downs.
John Webber - Balls

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